We at Colón Holdings strive to optimize the capital structure of each client to meet their specific needs and objectives.
DGA works with private middle-market businesses to successfully originate, structure and document the capital necessary to advance strategic and financial objectives and to ensure funding from institutional or third-party sources. Through a competitive process, DGA seeks to find the appropriate financial partner and to achieve the best possible terms and conditions for our clients.
DGA has existing long-standing relationships with an extensive number of lender and investment groups resulting in enhanced access to required debt and equity capital for our clients. These relationships within the financial community give us the capability to offer each client a broad range of creative capital solutions.
Des Ruisseaux Global Advisors has extensive experience assisting clients throughout the United States, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean with each of the following types of capital :
Senior Debt
• DGA analyzes, structures and arranges the appropriate senior debt needed for companies to achieve their operational plans including, lines of credit and term loans. The debt is primarily secured by assets including, accounts receivable, inventory, real estate and/or capital equipment.
Subordinated Debt and Mezzanine Financing
• DGA structures and obtains subordinated debt financing to provide growth capital and in meeting liquidity and capitalization requirements for our clients. Subordinated debt is junior to a client’s senior debt without incurring the high dilution of equity.
Equity Capital
• DGA secures permanent equity capital in order to help companies grow or recapitalize their balance sheets and provide the necessary funding required to support the execution of management’s business plans.
Buyouts and Recapitalization
• DGA assists our clients in dealing with valuable strategic capital partners to support management buyout transactions and recapitalization transactions. We have experience with helping clients meet their needs for growth capital, acquisition financing, buyouts and inter-generational planning.
Bridge Loan
• DGA assists clients in meeting short-term liquidity needs through the sourcing and structuring of bridge financing. Although more expensive than traditional debt, bridge loans may be appropriate to solve certain client capital needs.
Project Finance
• DGA provides turnkey solutions for infrastructure and other large capital projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. DGA will assist in the sourcing, structuring, partnering and financing of projects involving alternative energy, waste management, health infrastructure, lodging and transportation. DGA and its world-class partners bring a diverse and broad experience level to successfully complete a range of complex projects.

In today’s financial marketplace, merger, acquisition and divestiture activities continue as important means of achieving corporate and shareholder objectives. To realize success in an M & A environment, senior management must remain focused on three core areas: well-defined M & A strategies, due diligence and their timely execution.
Des Ruisseaux Global Advisors has extensive transactional experience in a wide range of industries to help clients meet all three requirements by :
• Defining specific M & A objectives and parameters of the assignment.
• Working closely with our clients, from initial planning to closing, tailoring our efforts to minimize disruption to the company’s day-to-day business and operations.
We provide the following M & A services :
• Expert advisory services to support acquisition and divestiture plans, through careful valuation analyses and focused negotiations.
• Structured financings to support acquisitions, including obtaining financing, and concurrent recapitalization of balance sheets.
• A well orchestrated due diligence process, including managing legal and financial aspects, in addition to conducting a comprehensive risk assessment profile.

With our extensive experience working with troubled liquidity-challenged companies to solve pressing financial concerns. We will represent companies with solid business fundamentals, but who are having trouble finding the right mix of financing or are overleveraged.
Debt restructuring services :
DGA’s goal is to provide value-added corporate finance services to companies in need of capital restructuring. We will work with our clients in developing solutions to financial issues and implement our solutions across the capital structure.
Approach – Our approach to the restructuring process includes
• Understanding a client’s core businesses and a determination of going-concern and liquidation values.
• Preparation of a detailed analysis to project realizable cash flows and long-term growth in value.
• An analysis of the issues unique to each company and the objectives of its creditors and investors.
• Development of a financing structure that will maximize value.
• Experience – We provide what we believe to be an optimal combination of skill sets (banking, investment banking, management and corporate and securities law), and institutional relationships to execute the requirements of these engagements.
Lender workout arrangements
• DGA will negotiate and manage Lender Workout Arrangements where we will assist borrowers in the guidance of, and overseeing of, a company’s financial and operational turnaround.
• We will facilitate and manage workout situations involving distressed and financially troubled companies on behalf of lenders and creditors.
Our turnaround services utilize the experience and methodologies developed through managing seasoned high-growth and start-up companies through financial turnarounds by :
• Performing a quick diagnosis of managerial, liquidity and profitability performance challenges.
• Developing a tactical action plan to maintain the viability of the enterprise.
• Implementing and executing immediate and long-term financial restructuring solutions to turnaround the company and overcome the root causes of the situation.

There is a variety of reasons why companies file for bankruptcy protection
• Excessive debt
• Lack of liquidity
• Fraud
• Mismanagement
A company also may use bankruptcy as a strategy to fend off litigation exposure or to eliminate burdensome contractual obligations.
At Des Ruisseaux Global Advisors, we help companies manage bankruptcy and insolvency related matters in order to emerge financially sound.
Bankruptcy advisory services
Effectively addressing the concerns of bankruptcy or insolvency requires experienced professionals who understand the issues associated with this complex situation.
DGA will assist you by offering years of practical knowledge and experience derived from working with debtor clients, creditors and the banking, investment and legal communities.
DGA works with you to develop the appropriate financial and operating solutions for your distressed situation under the urgency that these situations require. Our services include :
• Financial advisory services representing debtors and creditors on Chapter 11 cases.
• Bankruptcy related financing including Debtor-in-possession financing (DIP Financing) by providing fresh debt financing in accordance with bankruptcy regulations.
• Exit financing and recapitalization assistance by securing new financing to allow debtors to exit bankruptcy and fund its reorganization plans.
• Assisting in estate settlement, executing a plan of reorganization or shedding non-core assets.